Thursday, February 27, 2014

Divine Meeting

When I meet God
There will be no words
Out of time
Out of mind
So I ask with all my being

Can you give me a sense of you
Such that I will never forget?
An audience at your feet
A taste of samadhi
For my enjoyment
For your enrichment
For me to serve a lifetime
In the cosmic cause

I ask God, with all of my being
What is my purpose?
How best can I combine
That which I am
Centrally, utterly, essentially
With this poetic world
Can I surrender to an inspired life?

I ask God, with all of my being
Show me a fearlessness
I can enjoy and share
With countless other beings
To bring destinies as ships into harbor
To allow play, again, in the dark places
To bring us together again.

I ask God, with all of my being
Who are you?
Timeless, inexpressible, watching over us
Can I glimpse your essence?
Can I know you?
For just a moment
Can I know you with my entire heart and soul?
Can I revel in your overflowing beauty,
Can I dance in your cold emptiness,
And share them, gleefully, with the poetic race?

I listen to you
And accept however you respond.
That my wordless communion
May be answered with flashes of lightning
Smiles, gazes, and dances
With the voices of prophets
With the silence of the void.

While I might be afraid
to shed the bonds of this world
And surrender into your magic
I come to our appointment anyway
In faith that you will show me the way
Beyond fear and attachment
Beyond identity and disappointment
Into the world of pure inspiration
Of divine purpose
And I submit to it
With as much will as I have
I surrender myself
Totally and completely
To a life worth living

Give me the strength
To open my mind, my life
To see reality, to see what is
To be unafraid to live in the big spaces
To sow a new life without habit
Of constant discovery
Unencumbered illumination

I come
Shedding ambition
One after the other
Scared of losing
Excited to gain
To live fully
Steady my hand
Steady my mind
As I gain your audience
Grant me
To open my eyes
To see you
To see

Kona Vialy Usianan

While yearning, seeking, longing
Let me come to you
With a spirit of indifference
Knowing that I am already complete
Already blessed
Already whole
That you accept me how I am
I have no lack
No homework to do
Image by luminari_2009
And my appointment is
Like an unveiling of a building
I could only see a part of myself
I could only see a part of you
I could only see apart
And now
I’m ready to see it all


I ask
May I feel connected to all beings?
To all times?
To all non-beings?
To the pulse that animates us all
To the resonant character of the universe
To bring into my heart
Trillions of beings, trillions of spaces
To bring into my heart
Timelessness, spacelessness

And I love
And am loved
As a husband, as a wife
As a son, as a daughter
As a friend, as a lover
As a brother, as a sister
As a philosopher
As a sinner, as a saint
I come to you

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