Monday, October 14, 2013

Undercover Bodhisattva

Job Description for Awakened Bodymind

We are seeking seven billion undercover bodhisattvas for immediate employment in the universe. We don’t know how many we have already hired, since they’ve gone undercover, but we know we have space for more.  Our mission is simple: Support all beings to be connected and free from fear.  Our method is simpler: Enlighten yourself. Here are a few requirements for the job:

Must be able to collaborate with seven billion humans, and an infinity of non-human beings. You are a great allower. You allow the light and shadows within yourself, in loved ones, in strangers, in animals.  You take the space you need to thrive, no more, no less, and you support those all around you to take what they need to function in their highest purpose.  You facilitate awakening, quietly, magically, by accepting everything.  You no longer feel the flow, you are the flow.  There is no more a war between parts of yourself, there is only a single self, with a divine purpose.

You are present for the infinite beauty of every moment.  This is a generous gift to yourself and others, but you find it the only sensible way to be.  You look beyond the words you hear into the painful story hiding behind.  With the most exquisite compassion, you see in this pain our universal trauma. You own it in yourself, and mourn it for all, so that our species may grow up.  When it gets overwhelming, you replenish yourself, meditating until you remember your true nature is infinite.

Divining Bod
You stubbornly aim to see the spark of divinity in all beings around you, whether they see it or not. You go around chuckling at how lucky you are, feeling the pulsing holiness in trees, the awkward pause in conversation, the fear of a kitten, the silly remark you just made.  You forgive without reckoning, surprising yourself when you can see divinity even in tense moments with loved ones. Strangers sense your quiet smile, your fearlessness, your openness to all beings. Illuminated by gaze, one undercover bodhisattva can uncover another in an instant, connecting soulfully. Owning your divinity, you relish the magic when a child stares at you, divine looking at divine. Like a child, you love with your eyes: openly, vulnerably, sincerely, and deeply.

You believe there is absolutely no productive work you can do to achieve our mission, in the traditional sense of work.  No “help” you can “give” to anyone. The only thing you can do is guide a being to their inner wisdom. And most of the time, you can’t even do that. And yet, you have a foolhardy idealism that simply by allowing yourself the space you need to unfold, change will happen.  You facilitate transcendent experiences for other beings, just by being around, by accident.  You’ve burned your to-do list so that you can be free for each moment’s inspiration.  It’s not because you are lazy, you are just galactivated.


Having felt your wounds deeply, you realize that some wounds never fully heal. Paradoxically, your wounds are the source of your superpower, the currency of your compassion.  You traded your wounds to be enlightened, and then traded back enlightenment to be a wounded healer.  You willingly carry pain so that you can empathize with all beings. When a wound obscures a being's (in)sight, you doggedly remind them of their true nature, not usually with words.  You quietly hold the divine for all beings around you and patiently wait for them to rediscover it.

You extend tremendous patience to yourself, coddling your fears, cradling your insecurities, knowing time heals in sudden, unexpected ways.  You allow epiphany to strike like lightning, naming wisdom recently sprouted within you, a product of your non-linear life. Sometimes you get lost. You go unconscious, undercover, even to yourself.  You think of petty things.  But you forgive your neuroses, realizing they are the divine play of your awakening. You reclaim your true nature again and again with grace, allowing your actions to realign with your divine purpose. You embrace the divine mystery hiding behind these twists and turns.

You see that as humans, we are creating a social fabric for ourselves to feel at home.  As we created this world from nothing, you are aware of the all-pervading emptiness underneath it all.  You fracture duality like a champ. You can see that every statement contains its opposite, every life contains death, every truth can only be true in a certain context.  You do times tables in your head, and when you divide the earth by the universe, you come up with zero.  So it’s important to retain a sense of humor.

You need to be just the right amount of crazy for this role, shedding social conventions (given their inherent emptiness) to perform your duties, somehow skillfully avoiding addiction, attachment, and incarceration.  You dance as if your life depended on it.  You play like it’s your job, challenging those around you to pause and think, surrendering to the divine comedy we act in.  You are just insane enough to honor your body and its impulses, to see divinity all around you, but just sane enough to empathize with all of human experience.


You believe it’s not a race against, but a journey together.  You celebrate the achievements, worldly or spiritual, of those around you.  You have no use for jealousy any more, it’s a spoiled fruit long past it’s shelf life. You are a utilitarian that believes in the maximizing the public good, but a wise one. You recognize that the path forward can involve some steps backward. You patiently wait as your path and humanity’s path are revealed. Until then, your responsibility is feeling mystical rapture for all things around you.  The celebration need not end.

Application requirements:
Decide, from this moment on, that every moment is holy.  
Clarify your ultimate purpose: to enlighten yourself in support of all beings.  
Connect to the world around you. Find peace in yourself, and radiate it outwards.


Lena Jdanova Certified Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Intuitive Healer said...

I'm "IN"! On the train.... In the crowd... the shadows... in the spot-light time to time!

Lena Jdanova Certified Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist, Intuitive Healer said...

Fly (or dance) with me, my friend!

eudae said...

Thanks Lena, glad to hear you are IN! We fly again soon! :)

gingerh said...

The job description resonates with me. I'm up for flying, dancing, singing, floating, being, imagining with you. Here goes, and we're off!

eudae said...

Yay, welcome to 'the force' Ginger! Look forward to flying with you!