Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Blind Walk

Walk with me
Wounded healer
Eyes closed
We may see
To the core

The body we have
The weight we carry
A stepwise opportunity
Release to ground.

Step with me
First with fear

Then with care
Finally with play.

Quick glimpse
A few blind paces
Open our eyes
Where did we come?

Walk with me
Tentative explorer
Find our bat sense
Aware ourselves

Of fear carried
Imagination's dark side
Hastening our step
Retreating from contact

Can we make a pact?
Let fear go this step
Dedicate the next to it.
Did we just live?

Walk from heart
Walk from Hara
Foot: lift, move, place
Foot: lift, move, place

Walk with me
Recycled being
Ground pushes
skeleton to sky
Ground pulls
corpus to dust.

Walk with me
Architectural marvel
Bones wide open
Pulleys counterweights

Feel these
Stepwise tremors
From heel to skull
Where do vibrations stop?
What do we hold there?

Let tummy out
Release kneehips
Relax shoulders
Drop jaw to ground

How does body feel?
Is it possible that
Body walks lighter?
Treads softer?
How tall it stands?
What does it conduct?

Trip with me on a crack.
Go ahead, tense up.
Where do we hold that last trip?
How long ‘til body expects nothing, again?

Walk with me, blind, straight
Towards that scary thing
Find dark within, hold it's hand
‘Til we can't bear, our eyes burst open

Did we walk as far as we thought?
Or was fear walking us?
Did we lean away from it?

Smile through eyelids
Beam goodwill innocently
without knowing response
Smile or laugh or ignorance.

Walk with me
Lover of beings
Leave the gaze
Leave the he-she
Think of me-me
And contact deeper

Stand with me, arms out
At a concert by a lake
As we are shoved
In the worst way
By unconscious hordes
Don’t look their way

Let’s hold our ground
Calmly, persistently,
For all beings
Who deserve to exist
In this little space given

Through darkness
We are enlightened
We shiver awake
Infinite sensation

Walk with me
Eyes wide shut
One foot, another
Slowly, we can
Let the hordes
Alter their course
Around us

As we peacefully
Express our essence
As we ceaselessly
Bumble in the dark

Blindly walking bodies,
We advance confidently in the direction of our dreams.


Hitch said...

Wow, such a beautiful poem. Thank you Adithya. Let's all keep walking through our fear. :)

eudae said...

Thanks Hitch, fellow fear walker!

upsidedownuturnofme said...

Dancing the blind walk through this life and finding all a gallery of art. Loving your mastery of words and movement for a better world inside your hara. That's where you'll find me, smiling through closed eyelids.

harmony said...

Proprioceptive Perception, ahhh so primal!

eudae said...

Smiling at you through closed eyelids, upsidedown, thanks!

eudae said...

Yes, harmony, we be primal!!!! Ahhhh!!!! xo