Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Portal

A Prayer for Kids and Parents

Baby, let me look through your solemn stare

to the wisdom of the ancients

Of the billions who came and will come.

Allow me the confidence to learn from you,

To feel your timelessness.

Let me see your future and our future

Be a mirror unto me.

Baby, let me bear the sound of your anger

And hear the world's fury in your lungs

Your cries are their muffled pain and injustice

Your cries are my muffled pain and my injustice.

Shout from the rooftops so the wind can carry them

Around the world and back again

So all beings are expressed

And we can be quiet again, for a time.

Baby, let me laugh along with you

So I see the absurdity we created here

That you so easily laugh away

As if you had never learned.

Let me see the hilarity of my own existence

and the importance I cling to, through you.

Baby, let me cry along with you

To mourn for you and all mankind

The unbearable sadness on our shoulders.

Let me cry with you the tears I never cried.

Let me see your tears as but the stormy ocean

Mother Earth herself, churning in agony.

Let me remember what it's like to care

About everyone and everything, through you.

Baby, let me dance in your field of creativity

To remember my own boundlessness

To remember possibility

To see the game in all of life

To create new angles these bones hadn't thought of.

Baby, let me accompany you in surprise

Opening my world again to hope

Opening our world again to hope

That there are new beginnings

Despite the grooved tracks of roads and brains.

Baby, let me let you be

That your peace will fuel a world of peace

That your integrity will inspire wholeness in us

That your being will honor all beings

That you

---to all the babies and parents I played with, and everyone else too

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