Thursday, May 23, 2013


Loving Duality in BodiesMind

At first glance of Seen
Despite eyes super keen
The Seer sees Seer 
Much less sees Seen.

The shadow of Seer, 
Unseer, becomes Seen
Feared and worshipped

Idealized projection
In large part, of course
But how else can love
Arise, perforce?

A brief respite from
A world of bleak in
Which Seer desires
The Seer's seeking

Desperately craving to
Possess Seen's substance
What Seer lost long ago:
A sea of abundance.

In shadow lies fear
Which never left Seer
Trauma scene smitten
Seer's Seen is fit in
Drama is ready fast
Unseen is typecast.

Basking in Seen
Seer feels scarce
An oasis of plenty's
A trap; a snare

When lost in scarcity
Or fear or loss
In disgust's refuge
Seen's aloft a cross.

Or does Seen seeing
Seer’s Unseer unsettle
Seer’s own ideal of
Seer’s white kettle?

Alone together’s lonelier
Than just being alone
When Seer’s not seen
It’s colder than stone.

A dialogue commences
From Seer to Seen
Objectifying slightly
Seen to Obscene.

Familiar at a distance
Seer recognizes in Seen
Where Seer has been.

Seer opens to Seen
Upon second glance
Unseen is admitted
Thus begins the dance.

The Seen and the Seer
Simultaneously seeing
Admiration and curiosity
Curiously commingling

The Seer and Seeker
Now one and the same
Exploring inner and outer
Space to reclaim

Surface and swirl
Over seasons innumerable
Seer’s judgments unfurl

And in one instant ever so clear
Seer sees more Seen than Seer.

True insight emerges
Whence blindness it came
Seer’s heart awoken
Seer’s spirit aflame.

Seen may never
Be perfectly seen
But Seer’s heart opens
To newness between

Neither here nor there
Neither Seer nor Seen
New paradigms afoot;
Learning can glean.

Idealism unseeded
True contact arises
Perspective alights
Courage surprises

Fantasy dissolving
A fairy tale emerges
All-seeing overseer
Enters hearts and urges.

Before the last glance 
Seerseen are blessed
Still unity’s witnessed.


Health Coach Chris said...

That is one hella poem riff dude. Awesome story line and rhythm. Concise & Condensed images/words. And some words concepts I have never seen before too. Great imagination dance! See you on the floor again perhaps.

eudae said...

Thanks Chris! Was fun to write and 'illustrate'. I like that phrase "imagination dance" :)

Bronwyn Blue said...

Beautiful. x

eudae said...

Thanks Bronio! x